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Aastha Vedic Sansthan

Aastha Dashang Dhoop Sticks Combo (Pack of 12)

Aastha Dashang Dhoop Sticks Combo (Pack of 12)

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  • Made with 100% Pure Dashang and Panchagvya Grith Samagri
  • Pure Vedic Pujan Samagri Made with 100% Purity
  • Made of natural herbs
  • Ideal for pooja and meditation
  • Burning Time : 25 Minutes | 25-30 sticks in each Jar
  • Best product to gift someone which helps to make positive environment in their Home and Offices.
  • Made with pure fragrance.

Aastha Dashang Dhoop Sticks are made of natural herbs Ideal for pooja and meditation Burning Time : 25 Minutes | Best product to gift someone which helps to make positive environment in their Home and Offices. Made with pure fragrance. Aastha Dashang Dhoop Sticks have 25-30 Sticks are made with pure Dashang and Panchgavya Grith Samagri. It is 100% pure aromatic and create a pleasant environment. Simply light it and place it on the stand provided. Dashang Sticks is also called Dashang Dhoop Sticks and is the finest energy purifier of the atmosphere within your home/office. dashang fume is a traditional and spiritual secret in India to uplift the positive energy level. It has been used for centuries by saints and kings. Often used in religious ceremonies, Dashang is considered to have a great influence on cleansing and unblocking the human body’s energy centers/meridians. It is antiseptic, and is wonderful for cleansing, whether you wish to clear a room or simply for cleansing your aura. It helps to bring inspiration and creativity. It can provide psychic protection, wisdom, aids memory. It is also often used in prosperity spells. Use: While performing puja burn a cup by lighting it from one of the side and offer to the deity, upon the completion of puja take a dhoop on you and spread it in the entire house. It removes all negative energies that surround you. It is also a pure, good, and natural pest repellent. Order Aastha Dashang Dhoop Sticks now and feel the purity.

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